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After a paperwork mixup downtown, David Montgomery became the self-appointed Mayor of Los Feliz in 2016 and refuses to leave office. 

David is a wearer of many hats, having spent a decade teaching elementary school, several years on the international circuit as a storyteller, and now living life as an acrylic artist. Since moving to Los Angeles, David has toured with the NPR show The Moth Radio Hour as a Mainstage storyteller and host. He has been featured in Huffington Post UK, been a guest on BBC World Service's Outlook program, and been featured in not one but two NYT Bestselling books. His stories have also been featured on the Risk! With Kevin Allison podcast, Hot Mic with Dan Savage, and QX Magazine

His latest story is of his love for Los Feliz, the neighborhood in which he resides. He tells this story through his paintings, one brush stroke at a time. He pauses for laughter between each stroke, disappointed at the lack of response from his empty home studio.

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